CMS Library


Library Policies

Library Book Policy

You should bring your ID card with you to the library to check out books.

  1. You may only check out two books at one time.
  2. You may not check out a book if you have two books checked out.
  3. If a teacher discusses a special class project with the librarian that involves student use of materials outside of the library, then you may be allowed to check out an additional book for completion of the project.
  4. The checkout period for a book is two weeks.
  5. You may renew a book if there are no holds for the book.
  6. If you lose or damage a book, a fine is applied.
  7. You may put a book on hold for future checkout via Destiny Quest.

Library Rules

  1. No eating, drinking or chewing gum is allowed in the library.
  2. Read or work quietly; do not disturb others.
  3. Sit only in chairs: one student per chair or a maximum of three per couch.
  4. Do not sit behind the far aisle in front of Mrs. Smith’s classroom. This area is designated for meetings between teachers and students.
  5. If you are not with a class, you will be required to sign the sign-in sheet at the circulation desk. You will also sign-out when leaving.

Permission Slips

  1. Students will be required to have a signed permission slip on file in order to check out books with mature content. Mature content may include sexual content, offensive language, graphic violence, drug references and/or mature themes.
  2. Permission slips will be distributed to seventh and eighth grade classes at the beginning of school and will also be available in the library and on the webpage.
  3. The permission slips will cover all books rated for mature content. The list of books will be available in the library and on the webpage.
  4. A signed permission slip will be good for the duration of a student’s time at Cuba Middle School unless a parent notifies the librarian that he/she wishes to terminate the student’s access to such books.
  5. Permission slip books will be in a designated area on the front shelves behind the circulation desk and will be marked with a red dot.

Book Challenges


Anyone wishing to petition for removal or permission slip status change of library material must inform the school principal. The Board Approved Policy R 6241 Challenged Materials will be followed.

Computer Usage

  1. Students with their reading classes will have priority for computer usage in the library.
  2. Students not with a reading class may use the library computers if there are computer available.
  3. Students should use the computers for book searches, AR tests and classroom assignments.
  4. If any teacher, besides the reading teachers, wishes to bring his/her class to use the library computers, this must first be discussed with the librarian. Teachers are expected to plan for their computer usage in advance by signing up for the computer lab or library carts and only using library computers in an emergency.
  5. Teachers should not send students to return laptop carts. The laptop carts should be plugged in and all individual laptops in the cart should be plugged in.
  6. If there are problems with a laptop, the teacher should email the tech office identifying the computer and the problem.

Library Catalog

  1. Students may use Destiny Quest to search for books, conduct research, place books on hold or write book reviews.
  2. Directions for log-in:
    • a. Click on the Destiny icon.
    • b. Your username is your last name and first initial in most cases. Ex: PollackB. In some cases, it is your last name and first two letters of your first name. EX: PollackBr.
    • c. The password is your ID number.